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alcon-translate provides attractive English texts translated by experienced native speakers. We specialize in marketing and technical translations from German into English, which expressively transmit the key message and style of your original documents.

Your texts are created by an experienced native-speaker working in tandem with a German copywriter, also fluent in English. This ensures that every nuance of your source material is carried over into the English version.


We offer marketing translations for a wide variety of industries

Among others, we work with companies that manufacture machine tools, construction equipment, and banking security systems, or provide services in the fields of venture capital, tourist information or IT. Each industry (and often company) has its own specific technical vocabulary which we translate with great care, but this is only half the battle. The challenge is in presenting their products and services in an equally appealing way, with equivalent themes, punchy slogans and plays on words etc. This is our USP - supplying translations that are just as attractive to read as the originals.

Translation areas we deal with on a daily basis

  • Websites and online newsletters
  • Brochures, flyers, mailings
  • Press releases
  • Adverts, slogans and claims
  • Annual reports
  • Company newsletters and memos
  • And all other marketing materials

Editing / stylistic optimization and proofreading

If you already have an English text and want to ensure it is flawless, our proofreading service is ideal for you: we check your document's spelling, punctuation, grammar and consistency.

If you want to get the most out of your copy, take advantage of our editing service: in addition to the above, we also give your work a style makeover so it reads naturally, contains no "intercultural pitfalls" and is appealing to all readers.

Glossary creation

There are often different (but all correct) English equivalents for a particular German word or expression. Different translators select their own preferred version with the result that many companies end up with a colourful variety of different translations for one and the same thing.

In the interests of consistency and, especially, of a uniform corporate identity, we recommend the creation of a company-specific glossary with agreed translations for all common technical terms and expressions.

Prices for English translations

Top quality at a fair price-performance ratio

The cost of a translation depends on the complexity of the source text and your requirements for the final result. You'll find translators who charge less than we do, but in our experience you'll not get the ideal result for your investment. Our translations are created by native English speakers who pay very careful attention to details. They are subsequently checked by a second translator and copywriter for style and consistency before being sent to you. You also save the hassle of having to rework sub-standard copy which often results when you buy in services too cheaply.

English translations by price per line or hourly fee

We charge by line for documents with continuous body text, for example, brochures, invitations to tender, offers and reports etc.

Prices start at € 1.30* per standard line (55 characters) for straightforward texts requiring a reliable translation for comprehension purposes. These include e.g. in-house communications in international companies.

Demanding technical and marketing texts for brochures, flyers, websites etc. are charged at up to € 2.20* per standard line depending on complexity. When translating advertising texts with slogans, claims or taglines, it is important to transport the entire concept of the original copy. This includes tonality, a comparable style and compelling headlines, all of which takes time and effort. As a result, the costs are higher than in standard texts. In return, you receive an exact counterpart of your original copy which makes the same impact in the new language.

Stylistic revisions and translations of non-continuous texts such as newsletters, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentation slides, etc. are charged on an hourly basis.

No matter what project you entrust us with - you will always receive a transparent, dependable quotation from us in advance / before work commences.


(* net price subject to 19% VAT).

Interested? Request a free quote for your translation

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Who is behind alcon-translate?

alcon-translate was founded by Alan Connor from Colchester, England. After a varied career as an international banker, Director of Studies, author of distance-learning language courses, TV presenter in EU-funded language programmes, sales manager and, most recently, founder and co-owner of a Germany-wide language school, he opted for a fundamental change and a return to the most enjoyable things in his life - languages, writing - and a solid work-life balance.
The team was later strengthened by committed partners in the areas of translations and copywriting. All share the same core values: integrity, reliability, attention to detail, and the pursuit of total mutual trust. Put simply - our word is our bond!


For confidentiality reasons, we refrain from posting previous work and projects online. We are, however, more than happy to provide references, examples of our work, and the contact details of very satisfied customers on request.


5+1 reasons for you to work with us:

1. We know what we're doing

2. We speak your language

3. We are honest and won't deceive you

4. We keep our promises and don't promise anything we can't keep

5. We work quickly, accurately and dependably

6. You're still reading? Well that shows that our texts are as good as we are!